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The Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT)
August, 2021 NYC


Wednesday's Aug 4th-25th

Cultivate your dynamic and powerful breath and voice using the principles of the Alexander Technique. In this four week class we will embark on an investigatory process, working with the underlying principle that the breath, voice, mind and body are an interconnected whole, and that the voice works best when we have come into a more coordinated and balanced pattern of tension through the breath and body. Exercises will help you learn to unlock the natural coordination and flexibility of your breath, and then connect it organically to your resonant voice. All are welcome. This class will meet you where you are in your vocal journey, and is appropriate for voice users at any level.


Wednesday's Aug 4th-25th

In this four week course we will use Shakespeare’s sonnets to explore how Alexander Technique principles can help us learn to bring a piece of text to life. Our goal will be to get as close to the original impulse of the writer as possible, and to learn to energize and enliven the words written on the page. Shakespeare’s sonnets will provide us with a springboard from which we can learn to approach any text. Some guiding questions for our work: How can we speak the written word as if it is our own? How can we get as close to the instinctual gut of the writer as possible? Can we speak text with the same attention to rhythm and musicality that a musician brings to a piece of music? This course is for anyone who would like to change their relationship to speaking text aloud, or to gain experience speaking in front of groups. It is appropriate for professional or novice voice users at any level. No experience with Shakespeare is necessary.