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Hudson, NY & New York City

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"Max is a miracle worker and I am absolutely grateful for his dedication and knowledge for improving poise, alignment, and ability to help unwind years of bad habits. He is gentle, patient and supports a positive environment for discovery, growth and well-being."

Erica Marquez, Actress

Alexander Technique: Testimonials


The Alexander Technique is an embodied mindfulness practice that helps you to access your innate presence and vitality. Under the hands-on guidance of a teacher, you learn to identify and release patterns of tension that may be getting in the way of your natural postural alignment. This will help you to address underlying habits of movement and thought that may be causing you physical pain, or are otherwise getting in your way.

Drawing on my experience as a voice teacher for the theatre, I am particularly interested in helping you to feel at home in your body so that you can take up space, and express yourself fully and powerfully. 

I offer lessons in New York City, and in Hudson, NY. I am currently on faculty at The Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique, where I also trained. I offer private and group classes, in person and online. Private lessons are 50 minutes long.

Sliding scale is available upon request.  

Get in touch with me to book your free 15 minute consultation. 

More info here:

The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

American Society for the Alexander Technique

Harvard Health

National Health Service

Alexander Technique: Text


Reduced anxiety

Freedom from back pain

Better sleep

Pain-free sitting

Help with lifting

Improved posture 

Greater ease and comfort before, during and after childbirth

Improved vocal quality

Enhanced presentation skills

Alexander Technique: Text
Alexander Technique: Image
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